Wedding season is approaching, but really if you think about it, is it ever out of season. I recently attended my niece's wedding. It made me think, a lot. They have been planning this for over a year, yet it seemed like a decade. I mean that with love. But there were a few things I thought of that people just shouldn't do at a wedding.  I don't care who you are, just don't.

 Dress Appropriately  No brainer right? No. I'm figuring most of the time, you know the people getting married, ask if its going to be an indoor or outdoor wedding. If it's hot, and its outside, wear something that is cool. You don't to pass out. Let the parents to that.


  • Sit where you are specified to sit. I'm pretty sure the bride, groom and parents worked hard to put people where ever. Most tables have a sign "Reserved for" blah blah. Do you classify as blah? No? Move it. You don't have to be upfront, everyone wants to. But let the ones that A. birthed child, B. Paid for the wedding, C. Actually are a part of their life, and D. Paid for the wedding(we need to mention that twice) sit closer. This goes for the Ceremony and Reception. Do you want people to think you can't read?
  • Dress Appropriately- Part 2  Oh, wait, Mary you already covered that. Nope, that was for the weather. This portion is when you get the alcohol going and you start dancing. Nobody, I repeat NOBODY wants to see your dress or your jumper that is so short and it flows to where your undies are becoming stars of the show. Now, Guys, from what I seen at this wedding the super skinny pants weren't there. I was so glad. They just look like if you dance too much, you're are going to "Hulk" out of those pants.
  • Children, Oh the children. Some weddings allow kids, some don't. If they specifically say, "No kids, please" This means little Johnny. He may be your perfect angel but get a sitter. Have fun. If you can bring the children, watch your kids. Don't let them run around, unless they aren't causing a ruckus. Like the two kids below. They partied HARD!
    Brooke Holt
  • Lastly: Be Responsible. If you drink, get someone to take you home. Take a cab if they are around, make arrangements before your too far boozed. There is no excuse to drive drunk. Besides weddings are a happy event, don't be a party pooper.
  • mary blue