When you feel the need for speed, you won't be able to race NASCAR style but there are plenty of great go-kart tracks to check out in Illinois.

The 5 Best Go-Kart Tracks In Illinois

I'll never forget the day. It was a Monday at school. I was in Junior High. At lunch, my friends and I were talking about what we did over the weekend. One of my classmates spent the Saturday with his dad. When he told us this story, it was like a bomb dropped on the table.

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Our buddy's father took him to a go-kart track and they spent the day racing. It didn't matter what the rest of us said, we couldn't compete. In fact, I had gone to a Cubs game that weekend but I wouldn't think of mentioning it because that was nothing compared to his adventure.

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Going to a go-kart track was one of the ultimate experiences for boys our age. The only problem was there weren't any close. The time I got to ride any was on a family vacation to the Wisconsin Dells. A couple of my friends had never even seen them in person.

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This was a brand new go-kart track in our Illinois town. It was about a five-minute bike ride from my house. That day after school, we went by to scout it out. The place was awesome. The next day, we scraped together all the money we could. We all took a couple of laps around the track. It was such a fun day.

Unfortunately, that go-kart track closed a couple of years ago. I think it's a strip mall now. Luckily, there are many more located in Illinois now. If you're looking for that racing fix, I've got the five best ones in Illinois to check out.

Go-Kart Source

K1 Speed in Addison

Accelerate Indoor Speedway in Mokena

Kart Circuit Autobahn in Joliet

Concept Haulers Motor Speedway in Sheridan

Kartville in Peoria

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