You know how people always say to celebrate every moment because life can can change in an instant? One Tri-state man's future has been changing for a while now and he didn't even know it but in one instant, his entire family's world was turned upside down.

On January 18th, Sam Kirtman of Newburgh, was late coming home from work. His wife Laura phoned him to inquire on his whereabouts but when Sam answered, he couldn't convey where he was or what he was doing. The words that came out were unintelligible. Thankfully, he was able to make it home but still couldn't speak. Later, an MRI revealed that a large mass was growing on the left side of his frontal lobe pushing into his brain. Only two days later, Sam's neurosurgeon confirmed the worst - it was an inoperable brain tumor. Sam would have to undergo chemo therapy and radiation to extend Sam's time left here on earth.

Since that day, the family has been traveling to various medical facilities to see if there is help available for Sam. It goes without saying that this has all been completely overwhelming for all of them, including the couple's special needs twins who were born prematurely and suffer from cerebral palsy. According to the family's GoFundMe page, the five-year-olds are nonverbal, use wheelchairs, and require significant medical care.

Laura's father, Todd Lamkin set up a GoFundMe page to assist the family with medical bills, travel, and expenses for the girls. It says that Laura knows this will all be worth it if it gives her husband a fighting chance. There is also a McDonald's fundraiser for the family this Friday at the McDonald’s on First Avenue on Friday the 5th from 7-7. Todd Lamkin posted on Facebook, "They are graciously hosting fundraiser to help Sam and Laura with the medical expenses that are facing. Everyone needs a Big Mac fix now and then." 10% of all sales will be donated to the Kirtman Family.

Todd told me that they are "overwhelmed with generosity of those from the community." The family is appreciative of everyone's donations, support, and PRAYERS!

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