Do you have way too many weeds that keep growing in your yard? This weed killer might do the trick!

Over the years, we have shared with you several DIY life hacks to save you some time, effort, and even money. A few of these examples include DIY remedies to get rid of skunks, a DIY beer mosquito repellant, DIY remedies to get rid of stink bugs, DIY hacks to get rid of moles, and even a DIY wasp repellant. All of which have seen a lot of success. Now, we have another one that just might help you out around the house this summer.

Weeds...Ain't Nobody Got Time For That!

Plucking weeds in the garden. The man pulls weeds out of the garden, cuts the grass.
Sebastian Gorczowski

It's that time of year when you have to bust out the ole lawnmower and start making your yard look pretty again. One thing that can be an eyesore in your yard is weeds. We all know the drill, you can either mow or weed eat them or you can bend over. However, they will just grow back after mowing over them and you're going to have a bit of a sore back from bending over and pulling them over and over again. Now, you could always go to the store and buy weed killer. That could be pricey depending on how big your yard is. OR, you could try out this DIY weed killer with things that you most likely already have in your kitchen.

How To Make A DIY Weed Killer

I saw a post that has gone viral from Waddell Woodworking LLC, that could prove to be very useful to you when it comes to weeds. The post shows you how to make a DIY weed killer out of items that you probably already have at home. For this, you only need three simple ingredients: Dawn Dish Soap, salt, and white vinegar. The post says that you will want to get a spray bottle and put this mix into it:

<ul><li>1 gallon of white vinegar</li><li>1 cup of table salt</li><li>1 tbsp of liquid Dawn Dish Soap</li></ul>

As I was reading the comments, I noticed quite a few people suggested Epsom salt rather than table salt. They say that it gives much better results that way.

There you have it. Give this DIY weed killer a try. It's said to be effective, plus it is much cheaper than buying weed killer at the store. Not to mention it's way easier on your back than pulling weeds!


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