If you think that Gilda's Club of Evansville was named after the late, great comedian Gilda Ratner, you'd be right. When you think about what Gilda's Club is all about, you probably have a 50/50 shot at being right. Most folks think it either has something to do with comedy or something to do with cancer - it is the latter.

For over eight years, Gilda's Club of Evansville has been providing (free of charge) "support, education and hope to all people impacted by cancer, family members and friends of those diagnosed, children, and people who have lost someone to cancer." The team at Gilda's Club had a lot of time to think in 2020 - to think about how they can better serve Evansville and the Tri-State. They decided it was time for a change, so going forward, the club is now officially known as CANCER PATHWAYS MIDWEST.

Cancer Pathways Midwest

Why the Change?

The possible confusion created by the name Gilda's Club can't be overlooked, and it certainly played into the decision to change the name. The new name also reiterates the fact that the fight against cancer is a journey, and no one should take that journey alone. Cancer Pathways Midwest is here to walk with you, your family, and loved ones down this proverbial pathway.

What Else Has Changed?

It's a new name, but the same mission - that's one of the most important things you need to keep in mind. Their location is still the same (5740 Vogel Rd.), but instead of looking for the signature red door, you'll now be walking through a blue door. Along with the new name comes an all-new website too - and it's not just a change in the URL, it's a brand new, revamped website at CancerPathwaysMidwest.org. The same goes for their social media too - find them at Facebook.com/cancerpathwaysmidwest.

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