For years, it has been believed that the spirit of “The Grey Lady” whose first reported sighting was by a custodian at the library more than 60 years ago haunts the Willard Library in Evansville. Since then, many people have reported seeing the 'Grey Lady' and other strange occurrences like water being turned on and off, the smell of perfume and books and furniture found moved. Paranormal investigators have concluded that there has been a ghost in the library, but who really knows.

The Syfy channel show 'Ghost Collector' recently had an experience in a bookstore in Ohio that is said to be haunted. Over the years, customers have reported hearing voices and even actually being touched by something they could not see, while bookstore employees say toys for the children to play with have moved on their own.

The team of investigators from the show tried to talk to the ghost and swear up and down they heard a child's voice saying "No", that she didn't like scaring people in the bookstore, ok.... whatever. The team did manage to catch toys moving on their own with their overnight cameras and could not explain it.

Whether this is true or just a clever TV stunt, we'll probably never know, but a lot of people in Ohio believe the store is haunted and say this video clip is proof. Nothing you see on TV, on a show like this can ever be called 'proof', but you can judge for yourself below. I wonder if the Grey Lady's voice has ever been recorded.