There are few things as magical as driving out away from the city lights to look up into the sky and watch meteors shoot across the night sky.

In November we enjoyed the magic of the Northern Taurid and Southern Taurid meteor showers that promised: "dazzling fireballs across the nighttime sky." While out away from the light pollution of the city, I did get to enjoy the celestial show, I didn't see anything that I would have personally described as a "dazzling fireball," but it was still a sight to behold, nonetheless.

If you didn't get to catch the Northern and Southen Taurid meteor showers, or you were underwhelmed by what you saw, do not fret my dear stargazer! The next big show in the sky begins on December 4th.

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The 2021 Geminid Meteor Shower begins on Saturday, December 4th, and will continue through December 20th, with the peak of the meteor activity taking place in the overnight hours between Monday, December 13th, and Tuesday, December 14th. In fact, because the moon will still be a bit bright in its waxing gibbous phase, the best time to view the peak of the Geminid Meteor Shower will be after moonset, which takes place just before 2 am CST on December 14th, according to

Once the moon sets, it will allow for a darker night sky making the Geminid Meteor Shower more easily visible. During the peak of the shower, you can expect to see 50+ meteors per hour. For optimum viewing, be sure you give yourself plenty of time to kick back and enjoy the view.

It can take nearly 20 minutes for your eyes to fully adjust to the dark, allowing you to see the night sky more clearly, according to They also say that there is no additional gear needed to view the Geminid Meteor Shower besides the naked eye. I hope you're able to find a dark place to look up at the night sky and enjoy the show.

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