I know it is only May and too early to be talking about the Westside Nut Club Fall Festival in October, but the Fall Festival has nothing on the below video. Some of the more interesting staples at the Fall festival are Icky Lickys, which are suckers with all kinds of bugs inside.

They also feature chocolate covered crickets and other insect delights. The difference is, when you eat those things at the Fall festival it is because you want to. The below video is from a game show in Japan that is pretty self-explanatory.

There are two female participants who each hold an end of a clear plastic tube in their mouths. In the middle of the tube is a pretty good sized cockroach.

The object is of course, is for each participant to try and blow the roach into the other's mouth. Why they would do this is anybody's guess, but I can easily see this game stunt at the Fall Festival in October...can't you? Don't watch if you're squeamish. I have the dry heaves just writing this.


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