Getting through the Winter months can be a challenge for kids and parents!  So, here's a list of some fun things to do until Spring arrives! 

credit by Deb Turner
credit by Deb Turner
  1. Play some card games
  2. Get out some coloring books and color with the kids
  3. Play some board games
  4. Make paper snowflake cut-outs
  5. Bake some cookies
  6. Play Mad Libs - the world's greatest word games
  7. Visit Wesselman Woods Nature Preserve
  8. Watch a comedy film
  9. Make some hot chocolate
  10. Play some music and dance
  11. Make a batch of chili (eating it is the fun part)
  12. Teach the kids to make something in the kitchen with you - cookies, biscuits, pie
  13. Make some spiced or mulled cider
  14. Build a snowman (when there's snow of course!)
  15. Build a snow fort
  16. Have a snowball fight
  17. Make a snow angel
  18. Create characters with Play-Doh
  19. Buy some balloons and play a game with them
  20. Gather the family to do a jigsaw puzzle together
  21. Head to the Evansville Thunderbolts hockey game
  22. Take the kids to the Children's Museum of Evansville
  23. Hit the slopes and go skiing
  24. Go ice skating at Swonder Ice Arena
  25. Visit Mesker Park Zoo and Botanical Gardens
  26. Go to the Evansville Museum of Arts, History, and Science
  27. Try to make someone laugh
  28. Go bowling
  29. Play miniature golf at Walther's
  30. Indoor sports - basketball, swimming
  31. Walk with a friend or with your family (indoors or outdoors)
  32. Meet with a friend for a cup of coffee
  33. Take a paint or pottery class
  34. Let the kids play in some inflatables
  35. Cut out some homemade hearts for Valentine's Day

That should give you some fun ideas as we get through these winter months.  Maybe you have some ideas ...what would you like to add to this list?


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