I have said it time and time again that I am full of useless knowledge. It's about time that I share some of that knowledge with you in a new blog called "Fun Fact Fridays!"From who wrote a song to just a random fun fact about an artist, you might be surprised by some of the things I have stored in my head.

This Friday, I want to talk about the Eli Young Band. Did you know that there is not a single member of the band named Eli Young?

Fun fact for ya: their name is just a combination of the founding two member’s last names — singer Mike Eli and guitarist James Young. The two met in college at the University of North Texas. Later, they added Chris Thompson and Jon Jones (not the UFC fighter) to become the band that we know today.

So if you always thought that the lead singer's name was Eli Young, you would be incorrect. Can you imagine how many times he gets that? How many times they have had to explain that there is no Eli Young?

They actually had to address this issue, when the REAL Eli Young was tired of being confused with them. Check it out!



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