Today's Best Country loves giving away tickets (and boy do we give away a lot of them!) Most of the time we just give the tickets away over the air or online, the winner picks them up at our headquarters downtown, and they go to the show and have a good time. I mean, that's what I assume.

We sometimes have winners come up and thank us for the tickets while we are posted out front, by the station vehicle, before the concert. But very rarely do we (or at least I) get the chance to catch up with a winner after a concert.

This gentlemen (who asked to remain anonymous) and his son or grandson came up to our truck after the show and kinda sneaked up behind me to touch me on the back. I turned around and he looked me right in the eye (his almost in tears) and said, in the happiest, most sincere tone "Thank You."

Those two words, any other time, probably would have been brushed off. I would have quickly followed with a "You're Welcome" or "No Problem" without giving it much thought or even knowing what I did to receive those words.

This time was different though. It wasn't so much what he said verbally than what he was saying with his body language. You see, on a phone, body language (90% of communication) doesn't apply. When I take caller number 9, I'm not able to see you (which is probably a good thing sometimes). I hear the excitement on the other end of the line, but I can't SEE the true excitement, the look on your face, at that moment. Sometimes we give away prizes on location like the Fiat, Food, and Fuel Giveaway coming up and I get to witness the joy in person (which is the best feeling).

It's easy to forget that sometimes, we give away more than just a pair of front row seats. Often times, we're also giving away experiences that connect generations and create memories that will last forever. (It doesn't hurt when Willie signs your George Jones hat either) Watch as this family shares their story.

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