After recently running out of gas, on the highway, I came to the conclusion that I learned at least five things about myself that I didn't really know before today. (ok, I kinda did)

  1. First, you can and will panic!! Tears and heavy breathing might be involved. But, it's ok, you will start thinking straight again in a day or two.
  2. You will talk to your car. And, when I say talk, I mean it's more of a negotiation with expletives.
  3. Your distance perception will be all messed up! You will be unable to judge distance. The nearest exit will look as if it's 20 miles down the road but it's actually a lot closer. Will you walk it? Not sure. That will require a very long conversation with the worse sides of your personalities that have all congregated at the surface if your psyche. It's any man's bet at this point. Survival of the fittest, if you will. The weaker facets versus the strong.
  4. You will question who REALLY loves you. I mean REALLY, REALLY loves you. Who loves you enough to drop everything and help you. It is your spouse or AAA? Depending on where you are, that's a tough one.
  5. You will find the you actually like confined spaces. Take THAT Claustrophobia!! Since you have rolled all of your windows and locked your self in the car for fear of everyone else in the world right now, the fact that you are alone, becomes kinda comforting and safe. Basically you have overcome your fears!! Hey this running out if gas thing isn't so bad!!..... Yes, yes it is. By the way this is the point where you will start tearing up and breathing heavy again.

All kidding aside, has some serious safety tips if you find yourself in this situation.

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