Everyone from the Tri-State area has been flustered by these things at least once. If you're from here, these things are hard to avoid. Some of these things are pet peeves that only us Tri-Staters will understand, others might be a universal problem. Either way, if you want to know what grinds our gears, this will tell you!

Let's see if you agree...

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    It seems like they are everywhere! You can't even swerve away from one without hitting another!

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    The Weather

    One day it's beautiful Spring weather, the next it's a friggin' blizzard! Make up your mind, Mother Nature!!!

    Irina Igumnova
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    Checking out at Walmart

    I know this applies to everyone, but it seems like every time I go to Walmart, there's always someone complaining that they have all of those lanes and only have four open with lines forever long. Apparently our time is valuable or we are just impatient...maybe both.

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    Constant road construction

    It seems like everywhere you turn, there is always some kind of construction. On the Lloyd Expressway during rush hour or shutting down lanes on the Twin Bridges. How many times a month do you have to repair those bridges?!

    Google Maps
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    High Electricity Bills

    I think everyone has something to say about that here in the Tri-State...

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