I was lucky enough to be swinging through the office while actor and director, Michael Rosenbaum was visiting some of our local stations.  I've been intrigued by the trailer of his latest move, which Rosenbaum wrote, directed, and starred in, 'Back In The Day.'

It looks pretty funny, so here are 5 reasons your truly will go see this movie.

1) Rosenbaum is a Hilltopper

Like myself, Michael Rosenbaum went to Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, Kentucky!  Anybody who waved the red towel is a friend in my book!

2) The movie was filmed in here

While he was born in New York, Rosenbaum grew up in Newburgh and graduated from Castle High School, setting up the plot of the movie that was shot at the school and all over the area.  I can't wait to shout, 'I know where that is' at the screen.

3) Nick Swardson is great!

Nick Swardson is one of the funniest dudes on the planet.  Now, if you don't like stupid, sophomoric humor, first, what's wrong with you?  Second, you might not like Nick or this movie, but quit being so uptight and just enjoy it!  Nick's stand-up is some of the funniest stuff ever, and I carry around multiple CD's of his in my car.

4) Harland Williams...nuff said

Whether his stoner friends were busting him out of jail in 'Half Baked' or he was getting a little too comfortable being a woman, alongside Michael Rosenbaum in 'Sorority Girls', he is the perfect zany friend.  Can't wait for him to take on the role again in 'Back In The Day.'

5) Rosenbaum is such a cool guy

In a world where every 'star' is too busy to do anything, it's nice to see a hometown guy like Rosenbaum, not only making a movie, not only making a movie in and about his hometown, but premiering the movie here and doing media with anyone who wants him.  He was in this building twice this week, and has already talked about coming back again.  He's not surrounded by handlers and agents.  It's just Michael, hanging out and being home.  If that's what the movie's like (and I get the impression it is) I'm in!  I never even watched this guy as Lex Luthor in Smallville as many of my friends did, and I'm still already a big fan!

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