Halloween is over a month away, but to me, the news of Fireball Whiskey making their own eggnog, immediately put me in there holiday spirit. I get it, we should take each holiday and celebrate them one at a time. It’s getting a little ridiculous how all of the holidays are blend together at stores. But, Fireball Eggnog? Who's ready to skip right to Christmas?

The Q Crew LOVES Fireball Whiskey. We have a good friend who used to bring us a bottle of Fireball to the studio. He would even replace it when we ran out of the delicious cinnamon whiskey. It was actually a tradition to take a swig every Fireball Friday. Which is what every Friday became after we received our first bottle as a gift. We even decided to make Fireball Friday into a sort pf dating game show. No one eve found love, but it was sure fun trying.

When I saw that Fireball was introducing an eggnog, I literally got warm thinking about how cozy and sweet my holidays are going to be. And, the good news is, it’s going to be very easy to get and anyone can drink it.

The cinnamon flavored eggnog that Fireball is making it non-alcoholic and is being sold exclusively at Walmart. You will be able to buy it at the end of September for $2.98 a carton. Oh, and don’t forget to pick up some Fireball Whiskey to add to your ADULT eggnog. ;-)

[SOURCE: delish.com]

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