Farmer and Frenchman is able to celebrate the end of this long dispute over their liquor license! 

Farmer and Frenchman (F&F) is a winery located in Henderson, after a couple years of disputes over their liquor license (which they obtained through all the correct channels), it was finally put to a vote as to whether the specific precinct which they were located in should be wet or dry.

Apparently after having their liquor license and everything in check, it was then found out that due to a vote in the 1940s the Anthoston precinct was technically dry.  There's a much more in depth story on exactly what all this means, here from The Gleaner.  The owners didn't give up however and were able to get the wet or dry vote on the ballot for small wineries to be able to serve alcohol in the  Anthoston precinct.   The community really rallied behind F&F, and after what I'm sure was a very stressful day for the owners of F&F, they got the good news last night on August 28th that the vote wasn't even close and F&F can now put this behind them!  The according to The Gleaner, votes came in at 324 "yes" to 54 "no!"

A huge congratulations to F&F on this win! It's always awesome to see a local business get community support!  I can't wait to stop in and have a celebratory glass of wine!



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