If you are the type of person who leaves your relationship status blank on your Facebook profile, you probably do that for a reason, right? Well, there is a new feature that gets that information out for all to see if you are not careful. It's a button labeled "Ask" located next to any of your personal information markers. You might be surprised to find out how many people want to know that information and thanks to that new button, all they have to do is ask.


When someone clicks the button on your page, you will be sent a message asking for your relationship status. Whether or not you answer is obviously up to you, but again, if your status is blank, that is probably by design, so be very careful with this because by answering the ask, you have just given someone another piece of the puzzle that is YOU.

I guess it could be considered kind of similar to a POKE, but if you answer the question, Facebook then knows that and could target specific ads directly to you. It could also get you some unwanted attention from people you don't want attention from and that is an entirely different blog altogether.

Bottom line, simply asking does not create any privacy issues per se, but if you don't want that information out there, DON'T ANSWER IT, which applies to all aspects of social media....if you don't want something out there for all to see, simply don't put it there. I see countless examples every day of people putting WAY too much information on social media. Just be careful and all should should be fine. Take the poll below.


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