Have you ever been late for work and couldn't come up with the PERFECT excuse as to why?  Have no fear...here are five excuses for being late to work in Evansville that just might work for you throughout the year.

"Traffic was backed up on the Lloyd Expressway and there was no way around it."

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"There was less than one inch of snow on the ground. I had to shovel my driveway so I could get out."


"I had to stop by the Fall Festival and get lunch!" (This only works if you bring your boss some too!)

Sorry, not for me (WKDQ)

"Sorry, it took me twenty minutes to drive two blocks because of all of this construction everywhere!"

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It's hunting season....what did you expect?!"

Travis Sams

"I got stuck in the drive thru at Chick-Fil-A..." (Not applicable on Sundays)

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" I stopped to say hi to 'The Flag Guy' on Riverside Drive."

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"Sorry, I was listening to 99.5 WKDQ...much more entertaining than this job!" - Don't say that to your boss...


What are some other excuses to be late for work in Evansville?