It's that wonderful time of year, where the temperatures go from below freezing, to kinda warm, and back to freezing.  All of these temperature changes can cause big potholes which then wreak havoc on your vehicle.

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When we had that big ice storm the first week of February, once the ice cleared the roads I noticed so many new potholes near my house. I felt like on the way to work I was playing a fun game of "Dodge the Pothole."  Thankfully I was able to avoid them, but nothing is worse than the "BANG" sound your car makes when it hits a pothole full force. You can almost feel your soul leave your body when that happens because that is one expensive sound!

So how do you report potholes in Evansville?

It's super easy, if you've noticed a pothole form you can report it by calling the Evansville Street Maintenance Office, their number is (812)435-6000.

What if I don't like calling people?

Hello millennial, I too am a millennial, and if given the option, I'll text every single time.  You can also report a pothole on social media by using the hashtag #evvpotholes.  Mayor Lloyd Winnecke actually tweeted about this last May and said you can use that hashtag year-round.

Last year we had a nasty pothole pop up on the main road right as you turned into our neighborhood. Luckily after we reported it, it was repaired fairly quickly, but it was in the perfect spot to rock your tires if you accidentally hit it.  So be sure to report potholes, and keep an eye out for your own safety (and your car's wellbeing).

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