The other day this scary story popped up in my newsfeed.  A woman was driving from Evansville towards Newburgh and right past Epworth road she heard a loud POP and noticed her window was shattered, law enforcement believe it was a bullet.  Here's what she had to say

On January 25 Lishell Mills posted this on facebook,


A cautionary PSA: as I was driving home yesterday, around 11:45am, I was eastbound on the Lloyd heading into Newburgh. Just as I crossed Epworth, I'm in the far right lane, I hear a loud, loud bang. I immediately pull over to the shoulder. It only took me a second to realize my back driver side window was gone. As I sit there terrified I still hear crackling glass, I turn to my right to see a hole in the sliding door window on the passenger side. I call 911 and asked for an officer so I could make a report, if for nothing else, insurance. The officer gets there and walks around my van, thinking initially that it was a rock through the windshield call. As soon as he walks to the passenger side he notices the hole and looks at me and says that it looks like a BULLET hole!!! He then calls in another officer who agrees with him. They then call in the detectives, who also agree. Long story short, even though all agree it was a bullet that went through my van, with no shell and no positive idea of where it came from, whether that be a stray or intentional shot, there is nothing that can be done, other than to get my windows fixed and move on with it. Not to mention, 2 of 4 kiddos were in the van with me. I know I will be avoiding driving the Lloyd right there. And maybe you should as well. Also I should let you all know, that amazingly no one was hurt! God was certainly watching over us yesterday!

I'm so glad Lishell and her children are okay! Read her full status and see her photos below

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