We've enjoyed a couple of Spring-like days this week with temperatures jumping up into the low-60s. They've certainly been a welcome relief after dealing with the snow and ice storm a couple of weeks ago and temperatures in the 30s. However, it looks like we may be paying the price for these warmer temps with the threat of severe weather on Thursday.

The National Weather Service has been forecasting a heavy rain event for our area for several days, and it initially appeared that any threat of severe weather would stay well to our south around the Gulf Coast. But, as we know all too well, the weather can turn on a dime, and that's exactly what happened.

In addition to the heavy rain they've been forecasting since last weekend, the National Weather Service in Paducah is now showing the severe threat has shifted to the north and could spell trouble for the Tri-State.

National Weather Service via Facebook
National Weather Service via Facebook

The shift has led to the Paducah office placing the entire Tri-State, with the exception of the extreme northern edge, under a Slight Risk for severe weather. The main threat is damaging winds however, hail and a "brief tornado" can't be ruled out.

We spoke with Joe Bird from our media partners Eyewitness News to get a better idea of what we can expect and when we can expect it. You can hear our conversation in the player below.

Wind Advisory in Effect

Ahead of Thursday's potential for severe weather, the National Weather Service in Paducah has placed our entire area under a wind advisory until 6:00 PM this evening (Wednesday, February 16th) then again from 6:00 AM until 6:00 PM tomorrow. Here's what they say we can expect:

<p>WHAT...For today, south winds 15 to 20 mph with gusts up to 45<br /> mph expected. For Thursday, south winds 15 to 25 mph with gusts<br /> up to 50 mph expected.</p><p>* WHERE...Southwest Indiana, southeast Missouri, western Kentucky<br /> and southern Illinois.</p><p>* WHEN...For today, until 6 PM CST. For Thursday, from 6 AM to 6<br /> PM CST.</p><p>* IMPACTS...Gusty winds could blow around unsecured objects.<br /> Tree limbs could be blown down and a few power outages may<br /> result.</p><p>* ADDITIONAL DETAILS...High profile vehicles and tractor trailers<br /> should use extra caution, especially on east-west oriented<br /> roads.</p>

Of course, if the situation gets dangerous, we will simulcast any and all weather coverage from Eyewitness News. Be sure to have the WKDQ app on your phone for the latest information and to listen live.

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[Source: National Weather Service in Paducah on Facebook]

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