Who would have thought a brave, strong EPD officer would be afraid of a little worm! haha!

It turns out Officer Philip Smith and I have more in common than I thought! I HATE worms, they creep me out and give me the heebie jeebies!  But I'm glad to know I'm  not alone!

In this hilarious video that was shared with us by Cali Lynn, EPD officer Philip Smith is afraid of a worm, he's then challenged to get is "man card" by holding the worm for 10 seconds, what happens in the video is hilarious!

First of all in order to even touch the worm Officer Smith has to grab a young girls hand for support! That's when he receives the challenge. If he can hold a worm for a full 10 seconds he will become a man! Does he do it?


It's okay Officer Smith, I wouldn't get to become a man either :(

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