For generations, the barbershop has been a place where people gather for much more than just a fresh cut. It's always been a place where members of the community come together to have spirited and lively, yet friendly, conversations. Young whipper-snappers have the chance to hear great stories, and probably learn some new words, from their barber and some of the 'older' clientele. So it makes absolutely perfect sense to host a 'community-building' event each month at such a time-honored type of business.

On the first Thursday of each month, a different local barbershop or salon is invited to host Chops With Cops. The Evansville Police Department wants to set aside just an hour (4pm-5pm) to hang out with the community. No tricks, no catches, no agendas - just folks getting together for some good conversations. Did we mention that snacks and refreshments are also provided?

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February's Chops With Cops will be this Thursday, February 6th at Jerald's Greatest Stylists In The World on Walnut Street. And the EPD is looking for more barbershops and salons to host these monthly events. Email EPD Officer Phil Smith if you'd like to open up your doors for Chops With Cops. And if you know you someone with a sweet barbershop or salon (I'm looking at you Alex Rocha and The Parlour), let them know they should do this thing.

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