Last week the Evansville Police Department issued 67 tickets in less than four hours after making 69 traffic stops as part of their efforts to crack down on dangerous and aggressive driving in our community.

69 Traffic Stops and Counting

The focus of the initiative is to focus on speeding, as well as dangerous and impaired driving. Evansville Police say the 69 vehicles that were stopped were all driving at speeds of 15 to 20+ miles per hour over the posted limits.

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Aggressive & Dangerous Driving Blitz Underway

The initiative is part of the Aggressive & Dangerous Driving Blitz that continues through March 21, 2022, with additional patrols watching for dangerous and aggressive driving.

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With this wonderful spring-like weather, more people are out and about so please remember to slow down and drive safe!
Officers will continue to conduct traffic details for this Aggressive & Dangerous Driving Blitz 112 Grant until March 21st.
The grant duration encompasses St. Patrick's Day. Please plan ahead and make arrangements for a sober driver if you will be out celebrating with adult beverages!

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EPD Stopped a Wrongway Driver

In addition to the stops executed for speeding in excess of 15 miles per hour over, officers also conducted a stop for a driver who was attempting to drive westbound on the eastbound side of the Lloyd Expressway. Evansville Police say they were able to stop the driver and prevent a head-on collision from occurring.

Celebrating St. Patrick's Day? Don't Drink & Drive

As the Aggressive and Dangerous Driving Blitz continues through St. Patrick's Day weekend, the Evansville Police Department encourages motorists to plan ahead to ensure that they do not drink and drive. Ensure that you have a designated driver or make sure that you leave enough in your party budget to cover the cost of a cab or rideshare services like Lyft or Uber.

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