Did you know the Evansville Police Department has a soda blaster? If you are unfamiliar, let me start by saying that it is not some oversized water gun used to dispense your favorite soft drink. No, a soda blaster is actually a really useful tool for the Evansville Police Department and for our city.

A soda blaster uses compressed air - or sometimes high-pressure water to propel baking soda at a high rate of pressure. If you are asking yourself why anyone would want to spray baking soda at high pressure, let me explain. Baking soda is abrasive. It is commonly used in products like toothpaste or kitchen and bath cleaners because of its ability to scrub off tough stains. When you put baking soda into a blaster, powered by compressed air or high-pressure water, you can use it sort of like an industrial toothpaste, but instead of removing coffee stains and plaque from teeth, you can use it to remove graffiti from buildings and other public spaces.

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The Evansville Police Department's Crime Prevention Officers frequently make use of the department's soda blaster. They have cleaned up graffiti from over 100 different locations across the city since 2015, according to a recent Facebook post.

Using baking soda is an environmentally friendly way for CPO’s to clean up graffiti free of charge to individuals and businesses in Evansville. This is a great example of police and community working together!

In the social media post the department thanked local business, Slays Restoration for their donation of 50 industrial-sized bags of baking soda for the blaster so the EPD can continue keeping our community clean and free of graffiti.

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