Yesterday afternoon was a little warm at historic Bosse Field, but it was an otherwise perfect day to watch the Evasville Otters and the Corn Belters from Normal, Il. Attendance was ver sparce which is really surprising given how little it actually costs to see an Otters game. Gas prices are at an all time high and the cost of living is skyrocketing and families are struggling to find activities that are affordable. Have you tried to take the family to a movie lately? The cost of a movie plus popcorn and drinks is outrageous and forget about the IMAX. We took the kids to see Harry Potter on Saturday and the Otters on Sunday and the Otters game was about half the price for the entire day. The Otters are the best value for families that you can find anywhere and outside of Holiday World, there is no place that is more family friendly than the Otters at Bosse field for a fraction of the cost of other places like Holiday World, which is completely awesome, but can be kind of expensive. Admission to an Otters game is $5.00 for general admission, $8.00 for a field box and kids under 5 are free. Actually, kids under 12 are free if you get your free kids tickets at any Old National Bank branch. All of the activities before, during and after the games are all about families and more importantly, the kids. Food and drinks are very reasonable as well and they always have some kind of discount promotion going on that makes it even more affordable. It was very distressing to see so few people in the stands yesterday. With family entertainment being somewhat to very expensive, it's nice to know that there is something for families that will not break the family budget wide open. Bosse Field is such a great place to see a game and there is no bad seat so, it just stands to reason that Bosse should be close to full for every home game because it's so affordable, it's baseball and the kids will have a ball. I'm certainly not trying to do a commercial for the otters, I am just a parent looking to save wherever and however  I can when it comes to treating the kids to something special and fun, and Otters baseball at Bosse Field IS FUN!! So, to quote the announcer from 'A League Of Their Own', which was filmed in part at Bosse Field, "come on out to the ball park and bring the kiddies why doncha".