If you've been to a McDonalds in Evansville in the last 4 decades, chances are you may have had the pleasure of meeting sweet Miss. Loraine.  Miss. Loraine is 94 years young and celebrating 44 years of service at McDonalds. She's worked at a few locations across Evansville, but currently you can see her smile that lights up the room at the North Green River Road location. Miss. Loraine has been making the tri-state smile for over 4 decades, and now her story has gone viral!

Eyewitness news recently did a story on Miss Loraine for celebrating her 44th year behind the counter at McDonalds, she talks about how she originally got the job to do something when her husband had to retire, she didn't think it'd turn into this. Eyewitness news spoke with customers, and all of them had great stories to share about Miss Loraine, and how she will greet you, and makes everyone who comes to her work feel so special!

ABC news recently shared this video of Miss. Loraine on facebook, and her infectious smile has taken off on the internet!

So the next time you plan to stop by those golden arches in Evansville, be sure to say hello to Miss Loraine, I'm sure she'd be very happy to see you! Oh and good news, she has no plans to retire anytime soon!

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