Press release provided by Evansville Flag Project.

Sent: June 15, 2021

Evansville Flag Project Announces Early End to Community Voting

EVANSVILLE, IND. – The Evansville Flag Project announces the community voting previously scheduled to end on June 30, 2021, has ended effective immediately. We have been advised by the City that the flag designs produced as a result of the current process created by the Evansville Flag Project are not supported by the City of Evansville and to pause the current process until further notice.

The Evansville Flag Project would love to thank the 3,300+ citizens of Evansville that showed their support by voting in the process (over just 5 days!) and the countless messages of support and enthusiasm to produce a unifying symbol for our community, together. We thank the wonderful and dedicated community servant leaders on our Selection Committee who worked hard, studied flags, and worked tirelessly to process through the hundreds of community submissions we received during the two years of public input. And finally, a big thank you goes out to our talented and humble Design Committee who came together, put their egos on the shelf, and participated in a beautiful, heartfelt process that produced flag designs that we will always be proud of.

Intention of the Evansville Flag Project

The intention of the Evansville Flag Project is to have a flag adopted for the City of
Evansville, Indiana, and for the citizens of Evansville to love and support each other. The adoption does not have to be a result of this current process and we consider our first attempt to open the door to more discussion surrounding this issue. We remain hopeful for a day when we can all come together and grow together as a community in the same way that we witnessed it happen during our Evansville Flag Group process.

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Moving Forward

The Evansville Flag Project will currently be on pause and for anyone inspired to begin their own journey to create a flag, we are happy to share the vast knowledge base, resources, and/or details of our experience and process.

About Evansville Flag Project

The Evansville Flag Project began in 2016. They assembled a diverse group of individuals from the community to collaborate to create a grassroots-led and implemented project to create a city flag for Evansville, Indiana. This began with community input through visioning and submission of designs, narrative, and ideas of what the public wanted on their flag. People from diverse backgrounds and life experiences gathered together through one year as the Selection Committee to understand data submitted by the community to present to a group of professional designers to create flag designs that adhered to the standards of vexillology. The Designers followed the community input and Selection Committee reviews to create 5 unique flag designs with multiple color combinations. The Selection and Design Committees narrowed down to the 4 selected designs for the final phase of the project: community input via voting for the city flag of Evansville, Indiana. The Evansville Flag Project ended community voting early while creating a mass awareness of city flags.

[Source: Evansville Flag Project Press Release]

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