True crime meets the 19th century when Willard Library examines some of Evansville's earliest murders.

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Evansville, Indiana

I grew up in the Evansville area, and to be totally honest, I've rarely thought about our city's history.  And after doing some research, Evansville truly has an interesting history, from McGary's Landing to the Evansville we know today.

According to Evansville.Gov Evansville was founded in 1812. Evansville Living put out a really great article where they went in-depth on some of the unique moments in Evansville's history that helped shape our city.  Technically McGary's Landing was founded in 1812 and later renamed Evansville in 1814.

People are at the heart of any city. Our community originated as McGary’s Landing in March 27, 1812, after Hugh McGary Jr. purchased 441 acres of land. The plot is what would become Downtown Evansville, named after General Robert Morgan Evans, a brigadier general of the War of 1812 — McGary renamed the growing village “Evansville” in 1814.

Photo Courtesy of TYMEALLO Studios Via E is for Everyone
Photo Courtesy of TYMEALLO Studios Via E is for Everyone

Murders Most Foul

Willard Library is taking an exciting deep dive into some of the earliest murders in Evansville's history with their special event, Murders Most Foul A Look at the Early Murders Around Evansville.

The event is free to attend but is a mature event as the matter discussed will not be suitable for children.  It will take place on September 18th at 6:00 PM in the Browning Gallery at Willard Library.

e is for everyone
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Immerse yourself in the captivating realm of real-life criminal cases. Come along with us for an unforgettable expedition into the history of Evansville during the 1800s. Guiding you through this one-hour session will be Stan Schmitt, the Vanderburgh County Historian and Assistant of WPL Special Collections. �Brace yourself to be fascinated, astonished, and entirely ensnared! We look forward to your presence at the event!
*This program is recommended for mature audiences only.​*
As someone who is fascinated by history as well as true crime, this event sounds right up my alley! Be sure to follow Willard Library to stay up to date with the event.

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