If you live in Evansville you're likely familiar with The Old Fashioned Butcher Shoppe and if you're not, let me just tell you they carry some of the very best meats and cheeses you'll find in the city and now you can find them in Warrick County!

In our house, we like meat and we especially like fresh cut meat cooked on the grill. The Old Fashion Butcher Shoppe is a full service deli and butcher serving up perfectly sliced cuts of meat as well as everything you'd expect to find fresh in a deli like lunch meats, cheeses, premade salads (pasta, potato, etc) and it's all been tucked inside a little shop on Stringtown Road in Evansville for as long as I can remember - probably because they've been family owned since 1982. It is truly a special thing to walk in and see all of the fresh cuts of meat ready to toss onto the grill. They've even been known to carry Wagyu beef which is touted as some of the most delicious and mouthwatering meat you'll ever eat.

I was incredibly excited to learn their plans to open a new, second location in Newburgh. In fact, they just shared today that the doors are officially opened on the new store located at 7766 Fruitwood Lane, just off Highway 66 and Highway 261, near the Starbucks. According to a post on Facebook, the hours of operation for the new location are Tuesday through Friday from 9am to 5pm and on  Saturdays from 8am until 3pm. You can see the spacious layout of the new location in the photo below. I can't wait to visit the new location and bring home some fresh cut meat!


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