Despite our hopes, it doesn't seem that the forecast of four to six inches of rain for the Tri-State later this week is going to change much, if at all. This will likely lead to flooding in places that are prone to it, and possibly in places that aren't. While preventing it from happening at all is impossible (Mother Nature will do what Mother Nature wants to do), officials with the City are asking for your help in at least trying to minimize the amount of flooding we do get.

The City posted the following tweet on Monday asking residents to clear any debris they see covering a storm drain. Now, I don't think they mean stopping your car cleaning off every single storm drain you see while driving around town, but if you see one in front of your house or a few around your neighborhood that are covered in leaves, sticks, or trash, take a minute to brush it away with your foot so as much of the water we're expected to get goes into the sewer system instead of all over your street, or worse, into your yard.

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