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Something about St. Partick's Day brings out the party animal in all of us. Suddenly, we're all Irish, wearing green, enjoying green treats and beverages, and looking to get a hug.

The animals at Evansville Animal Control are no different. Where do you think the term "party animal" came from? Ok, maybe not, but it could have! They recently posted adorable photos of some of the dogs that are up for adoption on their Facebook page. All of them look like they are ready to have a blowout St. Patrick's Day bash.

So, I wondered what this party might look like and the different party-goers that might attend this dog-gone great party. I even gave them Irish surnames to really make the party poppin.

What It Would Look Like If Evansville Animal Control Dogs Had a St. Patrick's Day Party - LOL

That is definitely a party I would want to go to. At the time this article was published, all of the dogs above are up for adoption, through Evansville Animal Control, except for Tune. Please consider giving them a place to call home.


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