2020 has been a difficult year for everyone to put it extremely mildly. With the news of COVID-19 seemingly not getting much better any time soon, and everyone on social media at each other throats with thoughts on not only the virus, but face masks policies, it's easy to get overwhelmed and feel like you need a break. Fortunately, there are beautiful, and more importantly, secluded, locations like this amazing cabin in Henryville, Indiana where you can get away and tune out the world for a while.

My wife and a couple of her girlfriends spent a girl's weekend at this cabin a couple of weeks ago after stumbling across it on VRBO. I'll admit, when she showed me pictures and talked about how nice and quiet it was, I was a little jealous. Maybe husbands and boyfriends can be invited next time.

The place is huge, and according to the listing on VRBO, can sleep up to 13 people. Obviously way more space than my wife and her two friends needed, but the trip was kind of last minute, and they liked the look of it. It features four bedrooms, three baths, a deck that shoots out into the woods with not one, but two gazebo-style sitting areas, one of which features a fire pit where you can relax in the evenings with a couple of drinks and enjoy the sound of the small creek that runs below it. Take a look.

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KEEP READING: Escape the Noise of Life at This Secluded Cabin in Henryville, Indiana

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