If you listen to Leslie and I in the morning, you know that I Like to do voice impressions from time to time like Luke Bryan, Sean Connery, Willie Nelson and Tom Brokaw to name a few. They are not the best impressions necessarily, but I enjoy doing them and have done them since I was a kid. I just wish I was as good as Frank Caliendo who in my opinion, is the best there is in the voice impression biz. Caliendo is famous for the most dead-on John Madden impression ever in addition to many others, but what he did on ESPN the other day, sets him apart from all of the others.

Caliendo read LeBron James 'Coming Home' letter about returning home to Ohio and to the Cleveland Cavaliers as Morgan Freeman, whose voice is as epic as his abilities as an actor. If you close your eyes, you would swear that Freeman is reading this from his cell in Shawshank Prison. This impression is absurdly dead-on perfect....enjoy.


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