The Evansville Police Department is asking for your help in identifying a suspect who tried to burn down someone's house on July 3rd.

On July 3rd around 11:00 p.m. the Evansville Police Department was called to 1159 Sweetser Avenue. Witnesses saw someone attempt to burn down a residence. The act itself was also caught on surveillance video.

According to the Evansville Police Department, the witnesses saw a male throw a  “Molotov Cocktail” type incendiary device at the victim’s home. For those who don't know, a Molotov Cocktail is a bottle full of a flammable liquid that is lit with a cloth and then thrown at an object to catch fire.

The house was occupied by a man and his four young daughters. Fortunately, he was able to extinguish the flames before anyone was injured. However, the suspect is still at large.

The surveillance video shows the suspect lighting the device and then throwing it at the victim's residence. There are also a couple of different angles of the suspect leaving the scene. The act occurred at night and it is difficult to make out what the suspect looks like exactly, which is why the Evansville Police Department is asking for your help.

Anyone who can identify the suspect is asked to call the Evansville Police Department’s Detective Office at 812-436-6195, or 812-436-7979.

You can see the video of the incident below:

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