I love the things you can find on the internet once you do some digging.  You see, once a video gets posted, it lives on forever…and an old video of Keith has resurfaced that you have GOT to see!

I was looking for a a video of Keith's new baby girl and I came across a guy named Slim Dusty (out of all people). Slim Dusty was Australia’s equivalent of Willie Nelson (well at least a less stoned version) . Back in his day, Slim was one of the biggest names in Australian country music and he worked with just about everyone who ever emerged from the Australian country music scene. That includes Keith Urban, who once toured with Slim. The two recorded a re-worked duet of Dusty’s classic, “Lights On The Hill” (hey, it was HUGE in Australia!) Keith appeared for the very first time on the Grand Ole Opry backing Slim on the song. No word on the date or place for this performance, but it is a classic…..if for no other reason than those pants that Keith is wearing!