When you take on the responsibility of being a parent, you literally have to give up almost all of your privacy. It seems like moms lose more of that sacred privacy that dads. Not all the time, I’m not one to stereotype, but in my experience, most of the time.

I can remember when my daughter became independently mobile enough to crawl to the bathroom door by herself. She would hit the door with her little hand so that I would let her in. And, this happened while her dad was home. He could have helped her with whatever she needed, but she needed ME. When I was home with her alone, I would just leave the bathroom door open if I had to use it. It got to the point where, even IF her dad was home, I just left the door open all the time.

I had no privacy. It was just like that with her baby brothers too. Everybody needed Mommy, even if Mommy had to go number two. I guess it gave them some sort of security that IF they really needed me, they had easy access. When the three of them got older, I would just leave the door unlocked, knowing that at any moment, one of them was going to come through door with a question or a need.

As annoying as it was at the time, in a weird way, I miss that. I know, it sounds crazy, but I miss their silly questions, about finding things, if I had washed their jersey or if their friend could spent the night on Saturday; and I miss their stories about their day. The bathroom was the place they had my undivided attention. in the shower or on the toilet, there wasn't much I could do but listen. Now that they are grown, I miss those moments very much.

But, that’s one of the reasons God gave us grandkids. It all begins again. Grandkids will do the same thing. They just want be near you and see your smiling face. Even IF you are in the bathroom.

The mom of one of my former students at Princeton Community High School, who is now a mother herself, shared a photo on her Facebook page that cracked me up and brought tears to my eyes. This is just about the cutest thing ever and reminded me of my own kids and my granddaughter, Norah. She would SO do this.

That’s just one of the funny pics, here's how it all went down...

Indiana Woman Shares No Privacy Photos That All Moms (And Grandmas) Can Relate To

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