The movie Elf has been a favorite in my family ever since it came out in the movie theaters. At the time, my son Mason was, and still is, an abnormally tall human being. When the movie came out in 2003, my son was seven years old and 5’4 inches tall. We knew want Buddy was going through.

My son WAS Buddy. He was happy, joyful, super positive, playful and couldn’t fit in the desks at school. The movie showed him somebody, very much like himself, who made the best of it and never let it get him down. Yes, Buddy wanted to be around people more his size, and so did my son. That came later when he went to Castle and played football. They may have not been 6’7, but they were closer to his size then they had ever been.

Like Buddy, being super tall only made him more loved. We moved several times, when he was in school, and every time, he made friends immediately. He stood out and like Buddy, his personality won their hearts.

Shopping on Amazon I came across the perfect Christmas gift for him, for any of us really, the Elf Monopoly board game. It has everything you love about the movie and it promises to bring a smile to all the faces sitting around the table moving game pieces like Santa's Sleigh, Polar Bear Cub, Jack-in-the-Box, Mailroom Coffee Mug, Santa's Bag and Maple Syrup. You relive the beloved movie through buying and selling places on Buddy’s journey to the big city. From the North Pole to the Lincoln Tunnel, you are filled with Christmas cheer and spirit.

USAOPOLY Store/Amazon
USAOPOLY Store/Amazon

Elf Monopoly can be ordered on Amazon for $39.88. But as of right now, its out of stock.  Everybody loved Buddy. Right now, the best you and I can do is set up a notification from Amazon when the game becomes available for order again.

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