The Nash Icon record label has made it's first impact, releasing a brand new single by Reba McEntire today.  The label has also snagged Martina McBride and there are some other rumblings about artists that were big in the 90's jumping on board.  That got me thinking about some of the artists that need to be back on country radio now!

  • Tracy Lawrence

    This guy is always the first on my list from guys that need to be on the radio.  His unique voice has always been one of my favorites.  He has had the tendency to return to the charts from time to time, so what better time then now!

    Rick Diamond / Getty Images
  • Brooks And Dunn

    It's only been a few years since the biggest duo of all time went their separate ways, but with very little solo fanfare for either artist, I think it's already time for a reunion.  Kix and Ronnie have already agreed to join Reba in Vegas for some shows, so it's only a matter of time!

    Rick Diamond / Getty Images
  • Deana Carter

    There were so many great women in country in the 90's, which is so much different than things are now, but of all the women in the 90's, one I think would still do well today is Deana Carter.  She blasted on the scene with 'Strawberry Wine,' but only had a few more minor singles before disappearing.  She's had some success with songwriting lately that might be her re-entry to the charts.

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  • Dixie Chicks

    This one might surprise you, but the lack of women and lack of creativity in country music that has been discussed over and over, could all be fixed with this return.  If you still hate the Dixie Chicks, do you even remember what they did?  Many don't, and trust me it's pretty light compared to today's outspoken social media world.  We need their artistry!

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  • Vince Gill

    There is no one like Vince Gill.  He has vocal and guitar talent like no other, and lends that talent to just about anyone who asks for it!  He still continues to work in the business playing, singing, and touring, and he deserves some time back on the radio!

    Larry Busacca / Getty Images
  • Joe Diffie

    '1994 Joe Diffie playin' on the radio...'  That was pretty much my life, growing up, and I'm ready for some more Diffie.  I'll never forget how cool "Third Rock From The Sun" sounded on the radio the first time I heard it.

    Jason Davis / Getty Images
  • Lonestar

    I cannot think of another song that was a bigger hit than 'Amazed.'  That song was number one for so long, and it was played at about every wedding in 1999.  These guys are back together and have all kinds of potential to return to the top!

    Gustavo Caballero / Getty Images
  • Clay Walker

    Clay Walker is another guy, like Tracy Lawrence, that was underrated in the 90's, but had so many big tunes!  His style would totally fit in the style of today's country!

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