In the strange world that is 2020, it seems like even some of our simplest pleasures have the potential to be dangerous amid the coronavirus pandemic. One of those pleasures for me, is the Halloween haunted house. In fact in my Facebook memories today, there is a photo from 4 years ago when Shawn & I took a weekend getaway to Louisville just so we could visit some of the haunted houses there.

Now I know that there are several traditional haunted houses still taking place in the Tristate and that's fine, but for me personally, I'm very much in the "don't expose myself to more people than I have to" camp. I'm not even going into the store to by my groceries anymore. Some may think I'm being overly cautious, but recent reports are suggesting that the pandemic is going to get worse before it gets better and frankly, I don't want to take the risk - not for myself, my family or for the other shoppers if I were to be asymptomatic. So the idea of walking through an enclosed space is scary enough for me this Halloween until I heard about an upcoming drive-thru haunt!

A local carwash on Evansville's west side will be hosting The Royal House of Horror, a drive-thru haunt taking place October 30th & 31st at Royal Express Car Wash on Pearl Drive in Evansville. From 6pm - 11pm each night, you can get your car washed and experience some hauntingly good fun. According to the Facebook event created for the weekend, you can expect a:

 fog-filled tunnel, spooky light show, and the creatures, ghouls, and frights that lurk around the corners!

The scares come with every wash purchased those two nights and for their customers who have the unlimited wash package, it's free. To learn more, check out the official Facebook event page. If you've never seen a haunted car wash before, check out the one in the video below from a car wash in Daphne, Alabama to get a feel for it.

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