UPDATE [4.19.2021]

After announcing last week their plans to close the doors of the restaurant's day-to-day operations, the owners of Arazu on Main have had a change of heart. Last week on April 14th, they took to the official Facebook page of Arazu on Main to announce that due to staffing issues, primarily an inability to find anyone to hire, sighting that "hiring is difficult right now."

Once the news broke and quickly went viral, it was only a few short days later that the owners once again took to Facebook. This time, they shared the news that they had been overwhelmed with the outpouring of support, including from some former employees "who have offered their support." The restaurant will be reopening on Tuesday, April 20th with modified business hours. Arazu on Main will be open from 4p-8p for dinner service.

Moving forward, we will continue these limited hours until we are properly staffed to serve both our lunch and dinner patrons, at which time we will return to normal operating hours

While there is no indication of how long they plan to operate at the limited hours, we're glad to see them staying open.

One local restaurant in Downtown Evansville has announced that they will be temporarily halting their day-to-day operations.

The pandemic has had a tremendous impact on many industries but the restaurant business is one that has been especially hard hit. If you have dined out since the restrictions have begun to loosen up, you've likely noticed that many restaurants seem to be understaffed. You aren't imagining that either.

I've seen several posts from local restaurants and restaurant owners talking about how they are understaffed or working with a smaller than usual crew. For many, the staff they do employ have either been out sick battling Covid-19 themselves or are overworked from picking up the slack of their sick coworkers. The pandemic has been hard for everyone.

Unfortunately, that's leading some restaurants to make tough decisions. Arazu on Main, located at 415 Main Street in Evansville just announced on their Facebook page that they will be closing their day-to-day operations for the time being and they attribute that closer to a lack of employees. They say that they know how hard it is to hire right now but promise to continue doing everything they can to open up their dining room again soon.

We know that hiring is difficult right now and we are not the only business effected by this, but we will continue to work on getting more employees in the door and hopefully be back to full service in the near future.

And while the popular lunch and dinner stop won't be serving meals to the general public, they will still be hosting private parties and events.



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