The Evansville Icemen will be in action tonight against South Carolina at 7:15 and tonight's entertainment goes way beyond hockey. The ZOOperstars will be performing tonight as well during intermissions and even mingling around during the game reeking their very special and hilarious brand of havoc. This is a must game for the kids. The ZOOperstars are one of the fastest growing acts in the country at sporting events, not to mention one the funniest, most entertaining acts you will see at an event, with characters like Mario Lemule, Shark McGwire, Whale Gretzky, Rusty Walrus and so many more.

They are extremely interactive and dance to songs like 'Y.M.C.A.' and they will silly slide all around the ice, it's fun for all age groups.This is a must see show that is well worth the price of a ticket.

The below videos were shot last year at the Ford Center during  a game with arch rival Fort Wayne. Eric Cornish did an interview with one of the ZOOperstars that you can enjoy by clicking here. See you tonight at the Ford Center.



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