Parkour Video Brings Super Mario Game to Life Using Real City Streets
After reading the title, you might be asking yourself what a 'parkour' video is. Parkour is the discipline of basically overcoming obstacles in an environment using only your body to propel yourself over and through the obstacles like on a military obstacle course. Participants in parkour are called free runners and two of them brought Super Mario to life in a way nobody could have imagined. Read
Is an Ouija Board Really a Gateway to the Spirit World or Just a Game?
My brother called me the other day to let me know that while going through a very old box he had found in our parents' garage. He discovered some of our toys from  our childhood, including my Ouija Board that I had not seen since junior high school. I remember having a lot of fun with the board and being creeped out at the same time.
Major National Anthem Flub Before Hockey Game
The national Anthem is one of the toughest songs to sing that there is. There have been some great versions and some really bad versions over the years - Rosanne - just sayin'. We had some great versions at the Ford Center during the recent Icemen season and just the other night, a little boy did a killer version of the anthem before the Otters game at Bosse Field that was awesome... but sometimes
Don’t Miss The ZOOperstars Tonight at the Icemen Game!
The Evansville Icemen will be in action tonight against South Carolina at 7:15 and tonight's entertainment goes way beyond hockey. The ZOOperstars will be performing tonight as well during intermissions and even mingling around during the game reeking their very special and hilarious brand of havoc.
Is Poker a Game of Skill or Chance? [Poll]
Internet gaming and gambling has come under fire as of late, and one story in particular involving the conviction of a man who was running a poker club advertised exclusively by word of mouth and through text messages. The man's lawyers were appealing his conviction and all eyes were on that appeal...