It is Good Friday and Leslie and I got into a spirited discussion with listeners this morning about a story out of Washington State with regard to using the word 'Easter' with eggs, candy and egg hunts. Officials in Edmonds, Wash. issued a directive that Easter egg hunts will be known only as egg hunts and the city's candy-fest needs to be more inclusive of other faiths. There is a school in Alabama that has cancelled all Easter events on campus because the word 'Easter' means religion.

Easter is a religious holiday, but some don't necessarily treat it as such, which is their prerogative. There has been a movement for some time now to keep the 'religion' out of all religious holidays like Easter and Christmas.

To say this has become a 'hot button' issue with most people is an understatement. This debate has raged for years and passion is extremely high on both sides of the issue. Many believe this is political correctness gone wild, while just as many others believe the religious aspect of these holidays is the basis for the holiday in the first place and cannot be removed.

We could go on and on about this issue without ever getting any resolution one way or the other. Your believe one way and your neighbor believes the opposite. Either way, someone will call the PC Police...and you can bank on that! Take the poll below.

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