The West Side Nut Club has been hard at work creating a fun way to celebrate the Easter holiday while maintaining social distance and keeping everyone safe. Their solution? A drive thru Easter Egg event!

Really, if you ask me this is pretty brilliant. I remember when my daughter was young and all the work I would put in stuffing a couple dozen eggs to hide around the yard - or the house if the weather was too cold. You get the eggs. You get the small things to fit in the eggs: candy, stickers, little chotskies, and even quarters and dollar bills when she got a little older. It was a lot of work.

I can't imagine doing that on the grand scale that the West Side Nut Club usually does every year. Then once they're all stuffed full of goodies, you've got to hide them all. But not so well that they can't all be found of course. Easter egg hunts really are a great deal of work and they can be exhausting as a parent and again, I can't imagine the work involved to plan and execute something on the scale of the annual Nut Club Easter Egg Hunt.

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The West Side Nut Club is taking a new approach for 2021 though. Rather than hide all of those eggs, they are serving up a drive thru Easter Egg experience for the community and it's happening this Sunday, April 3, 2021 at the Old Bristol Myers lot located at the corner of St Joe Avenue and the Lloyd Expressway.

The Egg-celent drive thru experience will be happening from 1 - 3pm and any child up to and including the 5th grade will be eligible to receive an Easter surprise that could include a baskets, eggs or a stuffed animal. The WSNC is asking that the child be present in the vehicle in order to collect a gift. Some of the eggs - 10 to be exact - will contain $50 bills.

This is definitely going to be a wonderful, and socially conscious way for the West Side Nut Club to honor their Easter tradition but in a new and exciting way!


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