Halloween is right around the corner, so what does that mean?  ZOMBIES! The walking dead are coming for you whether you like it or not. The real question is are you going to know what to do when they come for you? If your answer is no then don't you worry because we have got you covered!  Here are the 5 ways to stop a zombie:

1. Decapitation, cut off head-- Sounds tough, but we will let you use your imagination on how to get the job done.


2. Chop off all the limbs, leaving the zombie a useless stump-- With no arms or legs, zombies are pretty easy to get away from.


Flickr/Digital Sextant

3. Run it over with a car-- The key with this strategy is to not go too fast. If you hit a zombie at over 40 mph, you run the chance of totaling your car.  Since zombies generally move slow, you'll want to hit them going 10-20 mph. This will ensure that the zombie goes under the car instead of over and will limit the damage done to the vehicle and yourself.


4. Cause sever trauma to the brain, crush head-- This is one of my favorite ways of getting rid of zombies. You can really be creative with this one. Being a baseball player myself, I would choose a baseball bat to use, but you can use whatever tickles your fancy!


5. Bash into a pulpy mess, make spaghetti-- This might be the most gruesome of ways to kill the living dead. Many different tools or weapons could be used with this strategy, just make sure to wear a bib so you don't get all messy.


6. BONUS! Take Away Its Bath Salts-- Yep, we went there!


There you have it, 5 ways to stop Zombies! Now you will have no worries when the holiday approaches. I am sure you will know what to do!

Flickr/moggs Oceanlane

The weekend wraps up with our second annual Zombie Walk brought to you by The New Haunted House – Eville Studios. Just like last year, anyone interested in dragging their undead feet down the Main Street Walkway just needs to show up at the intersection of 5th and the Walkway at 4:30. The walk will begin at 5:00 and will take place all the way down the Walkway to Riverside Drive then down to the Four Freedoms Monument. For more info about the Zombie Walk brought to you by The New Haunted House – Eville Studios and other Halloween Happenings, click HERE!