The answer to that question is a big fat YES!!! Most people drive at least a little bit over the limit and some people drive way over the speed limit, for whatever reason, on a regular basis. In fact, coming over the twin bridges earlier this afternoon, three people behind me moved over and passed me doing about 70 just before the Henderson city limit sign. Most people will tell you that you can go up to 10mph over the speed limit without getting a ticket, while others will tell you that law enforcement will give you a cushion of about 4mph, but the truth is ANYTHING over the limit can get you a ticket.

I had an Indiana State Trooper tell me once that they will give a cushion of about 4mph... anything over that will probably result in a ticket. There are places like school zones where any speeding at all is not be tolerated. The speed limit in a school zone is generally 25mph and going 26mph will get you a brand new, very expensive it should.

My favorite driver is the one who rides your bumper and is cursing you because you are simply going too slow when in fact, you are actually about 5mph above the limit. If that happens and I'm in the left lane, I move over and let the tool go by. if I'm in the right lane, I won't move at all.

Another favorite is the driver who is going fast enough to warrant a ticket, but has a clever excuse for why they were speeding. Unless you have a pregnant wife who is in labor, or you are bleeding profusely, you'll probably get the ticket so, just own your action and take your ticket gracefully. It's not the cop's fault, you were the one speeding so, save the excuses.

Then there are those who should never be behind the wheel, but lets not go down that road, no pun intended. Bottom line, we all speed at least a little and hopefully, most of us are willing to accept the consequences.

Whether or not you get a ticket is for the most part, something you have complete control of. So, if you can't afford another one for whatever reason... don't take the chance, it really is that simple. I find the 4mph over is a good rule of thumb. Oh sure, you could wind up getting pulled over by the one cop whose tolerance is zero and we all know what a barrel of laughs that can be.

If you do get pulled over for speeding and you want that chance for a warning......BE NICE and courteous. It could very well be the difference between getting a ticket and not - your choice. Good luck and happy motoring. Oh, one more thing, STAY OFF MY BUMPER, it's so not cool.