Am I the only person baffled by the number of gas stations that are being built in the Evansville area?

Have you driven around Newburgh or parts of Evansville lately and noticed how many gas stations are being built? Let's take Newburgh for example here. Growing up, the only gas stations that I remember being in Newburgh was Hucks right on 66 as well as what used to be Swifty. I always thought that Newburgh could use a couple more gas stations spread out around the town, especially once they began to grow and bring in new businesses. Now, there's an abundance of gas stations and more are being built.

Evansville is the same way. It seems like every other week, Evansville 411 News is announcing a new gas station being built. Now listen, I know that we all need gasoline in order for us to get around in our vehicles, but I feel like we have plenty to choose from as it is. Do we really need more? I'd be more than okay with more gas stations being built if that meant that gas prices in the area would be cheaper...but we both know that isn't the case.

With the amount of land that Evansville and Newburgh has available to bring in new businesses, why aren't we bringing more things in that we don't already have? Give me a new restaurant or new store that we don't already have in the area. There are PLENTY of those to choose from. IF we are going to build new gas stations, at least give us one of the cool ones that aren't found in the area like a Wawa or Seven 11.

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I guess the whole point of this is to really pose the questions: Are all of these new gas stations being built really necessary? Could we be investing in something more beneficial to residents that would help the local economy? What's going to make someone choose to go to these new gas stations (that are built very close to existing gas stations in some cases) than the current gas stations?

Clearly, I don't have the answer to these questions, nor am I privy as to why the decision has been made to put these new gas stations into development. However, I know that I am not the only one who thinks that there might be a need for something new built in the area rather than something that we already have plenty of at the moment.

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