If you are an avid fisher who could use a little extra money, this is something that might be up your alley.  In June, two black carp were captured in the Ohio River about 10 miles downstream of the Indiana state line. While there haven't been reports of them in Indiana water yet, the potential is there.

According to DNR, black carp are native to eastern Asia and were brought to the United States during the 1970-80s. These fish pose a serious threat to Indiana's mussel population. Many of the mussel species native to Indiana are already listed as species of special concern or endangered due to pollution and changes in river habitat.

That is why DNR is offering a $100 bounty for every black carp caught. These fish can be caught using traditional baits, however those who bowfish are more likely to see and catch them.

One thing should be noted when it comes to catching black carp, they look very similar to grass carp. The main difference is that black carp are blacker than grass carp, hence their name. DNR has a very helpful identification sheet that you can view here.

DNR reccomends that if you catch a black carp, follow the keep, cool, call procedure:

  • Keep the fish and make note of its location.
  • Cool the fish on ice once you have killed it.
  • Call the DNR at 1-866-663-9684 to report the fish.

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