I have seen a post on my social media feed a lot today about Disney World giving away free tickets, so I thought I would be the bearer of bad news. In case you were unaware, in the world of social media, if you see a post that seems too good to be true...it usually is! Not to point fingers or anything, but there are some pretty gullible people out there that fall for every post they see. For example, this post below.


Disney World is giving away FREE tickets if I share and comment on this post?! In the famous words of Gazoo from The Flintstones, " No, Dum-Dums!"

First off, that's not even the real Disney World's account. This reminds me of the Tyler Perry Facebook scam where people thought he was actually giving away money...even though it wasn't even his account. Much like the Tyler Perry scam, this isn't even Disney World's account. The account above is listed as "Disneyworld."

  1. "Disneyworld." isn't even the proper way to spell the name of the amusement park. It's "Disney World"...that's two words and no "." after it.
  2. The real Disney World's Facebook page is "Walt Disney World" with a blue check mark behind it.

That blue check mark is important.  That check mark means that is the actual person/business, any other profile is FAKE. It's important to know that, so that you don't fall for false information, or a potential scam.

Spotting "fake news" such as the Disney World post should be common sense, but common sense isn't so common anymore. Here's some advice on what to do when you see a post like this. If you question if is legit or not, a simple Google search will help. If the page/site that posted the article/post in question is not a credible source (or if you don't know if it is credible or not), be sure to do a quick search on other news sites to see if that story is on there. Also, be sure to check out the date on articles. You will see a lot of people share old posts without realizing that it already happened a few years ago. It may not be fake news, but it could be old news.

There you have it folks, hopefully this helps. Also, if you were really looking forward to that Disney World trip...you might want to go ahead and start saving up your money now. It's not a cheap trip!

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